miércoles, marzo 20, 2013

Male Xolitos

Los padres de la izquierda


sábado, enero 26, 2013

Bustaso y Chimaya


Chimaya 12 Weeks

Tulipan La Mama



Tulipan Descansa
Chimaya y Hankito

jueves, julio 19, 2012

miércoles, septiembre 28, 2011


This is La Squinka, she came from the Aqua Caliente Kennels to live with us. She is a beautiful and special dog. The Xolos are a part of Mexican history as well as their national dog.

This is El Hankito, named after a favorite and famous cowboy singer, and also another good man, provider and protector and lover of all animals.

La Squinka knows little Hank is one of her own kind, and he realized it right off also, and they have become special friends.

Here is Hankito at about 12 weeks old. He has been with us for five days. He learned his name the first day, where his food bowl was, and the best sunspot to nap in. And he immediately took to sitting in the lap and chewing on anything he can.

lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Califa and the New Babies

Born August 8, 2009
Seven New Pups
The first litter for Califia,
the second litter this year for Rancho Perros Bravos

viernes, julio 31, 2009

Diva Pup

Chapina with her nose in the air.
She smells a fish dinner cooking and knows she will get her share.
Guevara at nine weeks old. He will be going to his new home next week
* Guevara checking out whats beyond his hay nest.
Little Licky, with her tongue always going.
At age three years she has gotten to be four pounds now.

martes, julio 21, 2009

My Oldest Fila


Born December 26, 1998

Kalijah in his prime

Kalijah July 2009
* At home resting in the garden
*Out exploring nature
His constant friend, Josefina

*Kalijah, sitting in his favorite spot. He thinks he is still a spoilt puppy




lunes, julio 06, 2009

lunes, noviembre 03, 2008

Back Again!!

Buelah, four year old Female, Rancho Perros Bravos

Buelah again
La Diva, even year old female Fila, Rancho Perros Bravos

Babazula, 6 month old female fila pup, Rancho Perros Bravos. From La Divas babies.

Zula and the Awesom Blossom taking a nap

Two more Chihuahuas living at Rancho Perros Bravos

Josefina, she is three years now

This is Jaime, a daughter of Rancho Perros Bravos Gamusa.
She has been a great guard dog and companion for her owner,
Bruce Henion of Ejido Ursulo Galvan.